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Many people today like to stay home and run an online business. Wouldn't you like to have a steady or variable income? There are many easy and practical ideas for working at home that can change your life. Of course, if you want and follow it seriously. In most cases, you may not need that much capital, or you may not need the initial capital at all. Come to your senses and decide to do something. This is the most important part of getting started.

If you choose a good idea to work at home in a way that does not harm your life and even vice versa can strengthen your presence with the family, you have indicated with a double arrow. Because you are with your family and you spend more time together and you are busy with lucrative work, in which you can even get help from your family. Most of the time they are eager to help you and this is a great opportunity for you and your family.

How does working at home change our lives?

Benefits of working at home:

Freedom: You are free to plan your work according to your taste and interest.

Time and energy: You can be home on rainy days and do your work and finish more projects and even exercise.

Food: You will have warmer and healthier food at home than outside and at work.

Travel: Your spouse may be traveling and you may have to travel with him or her. You can continue your work in any house where you live.

Comfort and convenience: The fact that you can easily do your work with any outfit at home is a wonderful and attractive advantage.

You will work in the intimate atmosphere of home.

You can work at any time you want and you are more prepared.

Get rid of crowded corporate environments.

There will be no more urban movement and traffic.

You can wake up at any time.

Disadvantages of working at home:

Doing company work at home may distract you from the authorities.

Working from home will reduce your travel expenses, but you should also consider the cost of internet and other bills.

If your work is in a group, it will have its own difficulties at home.

If you are an outsider, working at home may make you feel lonely and isolated, which is bad for your health.

Your personal and work life will be combined and it will be difficult for you to draw the line between them.

How to have a home-based business without capital?

If you do not have the capital and you want to start working at home, you should know that most of the work done at home does not require initial capital. Some jobs that do not require initial capital at all, such as packing beans and making gift boxes are great options to get started. The maximum capital for which you want to consider will be two or three million tomans, not more, because the employer will provide you with raw materials.

Work at home without specialization

You may be one of those people who do not have special expertise, but your enthusiasm for work is very high and you have a high motivation to start a lucrative job at home. You should know that there are many jobs that you can use to earn money in your home without any specialization. For example, if you want to choose typing for your work and do the ordering, you can do typing long texts with a little practice. This example of work with a little practice will be a great source of income for you.

Have a housework without a permit

Business owners need to pay taxes, but if you are planning to start a home-based business, you do not need a license to pay taxes. You do not need a license if you do internet work. Even if you are a web designer and freelancer and even you who make gift boxes and pack beans, you should know that doing these things is very practical and at the same time does not require a license. If the work in your home is for others, they have obtained the necessary permits for themselves and you will not need to obtain the relevant permits again. So start your home-based business with confidence.

The best ideas for working at home with a high income

Now that you have decided to start a profitable home-based business with you, you should know that working at home has different dimensions and you will not be limited to certain options to start working. The variety in choosing the type of work at home is very attractive that we will discuss 8 money-making ideas at home to be with you in this way of making money. Stay tuned to Gassi Web.

Content production

One of the most rewarding tasks at home is content production. This is done by publishing an article or content for sites that need to produce content. Do not worry because with a little practice you can be a normal content producer. If you do not have much expertise, you can gather information to create an article or a desirable article.

To start working in the same amount can be responsible for the work of the Persian web. Only your content should not be a copy. A little practice and gathering information from different sites and articles and turning it into a new article will be your goal in the short term.

At present, sites spend 50 to 100 thousand tomans to write articles. This means that every article you write for them will pay you in this price range, of course, if the length of the content is longer and

The more photos you have, the higher the cost.


We do an interesting job of typing, which does not really require expertise, and both men and women can easily do typing, which is a hassle-free source of income for you. There are many companies that still need typists and you will be their choice if you take it seriously. You will need a computer or laptop and of course the Internet to do this. You should know that if you think typing is a boring and slow task in your mind, but it will definitely be a great homework to start with.

In order to do this, you have to go to sites such as "i-employment" or "Trump and Wall" and get the job done, and of course, by spending a little on offline advertising of tracts and brochures, you can introduce yourself so that more people can work with you. To take. You can now hire a typist remotely by looking at the needs of newspapers, which can also be a lucrative hunt for you.

site management

There are a number of companies that need people to manage their company site. For example, if you want to manage the company's site, you should know the things that are considered in this work, sending news and articles on the site and changes in site components or checking the daily incoming traffic of the site and the requested information of the company's management about everything from the site. Can be extracted.

To do this, you need to know at least how to work with Photoshop, Excel and Word software and be familiar with tools related to site analysis such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. It's not hard work, just learn how to manage your WordPress system.

If you put in a little effort and become a full-fledged webmaster, most companies will want you to be able to manage their website remotely, which will be a great source of revenue for you. You need to start and after a while you will see that you have become an expert in that business and you can easily expand your business.

Making handmade products

Work at home

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